immediate post-election thoughts

immediate post-election thoughts


Well, we had been planning to put out an article about how we thought the property market would react, following the expected increased Tory majority.

Although this clearly hasn't happened, and there remains some uncertainty we think that the 'Money Saving Expert' Martin Lewis speaks some sense: 'Get on with it and do what you would have done anyway'.

watch Martin's video here

So if you need to move house for more space or for a job or school, continue to do what you need to do.

If you need to sell, well there may be a brief pause in new properties entering the market while things in Westminster settle down, but come back to the market they will because people recognise they still need to get on and live their lives.

People who are motivated to move, will continue with their plans – and these are the best sort of buyers and sellers for anyone in that market anyway.

Any shortage of properties puts sellers in a strong position, keeping prices firm. And you could also argue that it's a good time to buy as prices may just keep going up if the shortage of properties persists.

And remember what we always say about property - it's not a short term quick buck, it's a home to live in that should also be a good investment.

“Plus ca change”, as the French say.


PS, we agreed two sales before 10am this morning (Friday 9th June!)