Sensitivity with probate

Probate sales must be handled with diplomacy and sensitivity, with the highest levels of professionalism and understanding.

At a time of bereavement, the practicalities of assessing the value of assets for probate (and the impact on tax liabilities) aren’t always high on the agenda. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. If valuations aren’t addressed quickly, it can complicate and delay matters at an already difficult time. 

Our experienced team can take care of the valuation and sale of a property with tact and understanding. For many years we have been the preferred agent for many local solicitors handling probate matters. We are also the agents of choice for an increasing number of bereaved relatives seeking a sympathetic and effective solution to a property sale. 


If circumstances require it, we can manage the valuation and sale of a property’s contents at our Exeter auction rooms in Queens Road and Okehampton Street.

As well as an auction of contents, we can auction your property (find out more). 

What's my property worth?

Selling with knowhow...

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