Finding quality tenants

In some ways finding the tenants is the easy bit! Making sure they’ll be reliable ones who’ll pay their rent on time and leave your property as they found it, is where the skill and knowhow of a really good agent pays off. Here’s our approach…


We always accompany potential tenants on a viewing so we can get a feel for what they’d be like as tenants. After 32 years in the business Alison our lettings manager has developed quite a ‘nose’ for the good ones – and the not-so-good ones!


Some agents, without the proper infrastructure, outsource their referencing to third parties. But this can often lead to a ‘computer says no’ situation, rejecting perfectly good applicants. Yet because we ‘vet’ people in-house, we’re able to apply some human intelligence and experience to the situation, providing a more rounded view of an applicant’s suitability for your property. 

That’s not to say that we don’t apply stringent criteria; in fact for all applicants we try to obtain:

  • a credit and bankruptcy check to verify the tenant’s payment history
  • an employer’s or accountant’s reference to verify their employment and salary
  • a landlord’s or managing agent’s reference to check their conduct at previous addresses
  • an affordability check 

Where necessary, we can also ask for a guarantor or six months’ rent in advance to verify a tenant’s suitability.


We can also arrange for you to meet any prospective tenants if you wish, so you can verify for yourself that you’re happy with the people we’ve found. If, for any reason, you would prefer us to keep looking, we will politely decline those applicants and offer you some alternatives as soon as available.


From all tenants we ask for a deposit equivalent to a month’s rent (sometime six weeks on a furnished tenancy) to ensure there are sufficient monies at the end of the tenancy should they not look after the property appropriately, subject to tenancy deposit legislation (find out more about deposits). [link to 1.6]


An accurate Inventory/Schedule of Condition is essential at the start of any tenancy to avoid disputes at the end. At Whitton & Laing we draw these up ourselves rather than outsourcing to a third party, so enquiries at the end of the tenancy can usually be answered and any disputes solved amicably by careful negotiation without involving a third party. 


We make sure we do all we can to respond to tenants’ queries and needs as soon as we can and as fairly as we can. After all, happy tenants make good tenants!


Despite our thorough referencing procedure, sadly any tenant’s financial circumstances can unexpectedly and unfortunately change. To offer you peace of mind, we can arrange a rent guarantee policy for you, ensuring that you still receive your rent, and manage any rent warranty/legal expenses claims on your behalf.


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