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Whitton & Laing can provide the following property survey and condition reports. Please choose a survey or report to read more about the options.

Condition Report

Suitable when purchasing a modern conventional flat, house or bungalow built of common building materials and remaining in reasonable condition. A Condition Report should be chosen if you require more information than the very basic Mortgage Valuation Report which while paid for by the purchaser is undertaken on behalf of the lender simply to ensure the property offers suitable security for loan and is therefore 'not' an independent survey. The Condition Report survey will be carried out by an RICS qualified surveyor reporting upon construction and condition highlighting major defects ‘ only’ or those that in need of urgent repair. The report will however highlight any areas of further investigation. The report offers a standard format and uses a clear traffic light condition rating system for each building element Please note that this type of report does not include a Market Valuation albeit this can be arranged as an extra service if desired.

HomeBuyers Report

Suitable when purchasing a post war flat, house or bungalow built of common building materials. Normally recommended for any dwelling older than 10 years with the survey being undertaken by an RICS qualified surveyor. The report will cover structural problems and essential maintenance matters and will also include a damp inspection. All connected services are also inspected/assessed albeit not subject to specialist testing. Unlike the Condition Report the HBR does include a current independent Market Valuation along with Reinstatement Valuation (Re-build) required for Building Insurance. The report offers a standard format and uses a clear traffic light condition rating system for each building element.

Building Survey (Structural Survey)

Suitable for all type of property but specifically designed for older dwellings particularly Listed buildings and those of none standard construction such as cob, timber/steel frame etc. The report will provide detailed information upon both minor and major defects including maintenance matters and will assess the main dwelling, boundaries, outbuildings etc. Upon the recommendation of repairs/maintenance detailed advice will be provided upon types of works required along with cost implications. Advice will also be provided to legal advisors concerning rights of way, restrictive covenants, boundaries etc. The report is not a standard format and can therefore be adapted to meet a clients specific needs ie. to assess potential alteration or extension. The report does not include a Market Value albeit this can be arranged as an extra service if required.

Specific Defect Analysis

Suitable for both home owners or purchasers simply wishing for advice/guidance upon any individual building element/s or defect. A taylor made report to assess defect or maintenance issues including timber and damp inspection. The report will assess the element in question providing detailed information upon cause, damage and rectification along with cost implication.

New-build snagging survey

This is a specialist survey for new homes that will pick up general building mistakes or overseen works. The report is intended to offer a snagging list to be referred to developers for rectification. As an additional service our inspector can be appointed to liaise with developers to sort out any defects found.

Schedule of Condition Reports

Principally used for compiling maintenance schedules for use with large residential flat developments or for residential/commercial landlords. Additionally these reports can form part of a tenancy agreement for referral upon lease termination and upon compilation of a Schedule of Dilapidations. A Schedule of Condition Report details exactly the existing state or condition of a building prior to a purchase, renting by tenants or a change of ownership. It details the condition and any damage which has already occurred as well as areas likely to give problems in the future. The report also includes photograph illustration recording of the building and all defects/ damage. Whitton and Laing Surveyors will accurately and carefully document the condition of the building to ensure future claims and legal action can be either prevented or where damage has occurred then the claim can be justified.


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