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With ever-changing requirements particularly between districts, the planning system can be a somewhat daunting and confusing minefield. With a vast wealth of local knowledge and experience, we are able to undertake initial feasibility assessment of proposed projects in order to determine the likelihood of success in obtaining consent for your particular project thus eliminating the need for incurring planning fees for an unsuccessful application. Our experience and know-how can increase the chances of gaining approval at the first attempt. Upon a successful feasibility study, we can then if desired to undertake a full planning application.


We offer a design service for all building projects from specific detailing through to extension projects. Using our in house Computer Aided Design (CAD) technicians to ensure clients realise their needs. Our drawings can then be used to provide a full detailed specification of works in order to allow for the preparation of contract tendering. All of which can be overseen by our qualified surveyors.


A successful Planning Consent is simply the start of the regulatory process and before any consideration can be given to getting the project underway consideration has to be given to compliance of the ever more complex and changing requirements of the Building Regulations. Careful and detailed assessment/specifications can eliminate lengthy consultation with planners along with annoying alteration of design. All but the very smallest of projects will now have to meet with Building Regulation approval.


If you own or manage a Listed Building or simply interested in buying one you should be acutely aware of the requirement to obtain consent for almost all alterations along with repairs which affect not only the external but also internal parts of the building. This can also include all associated boundaries, outbuildings, barns etc. Because a property is listed it does not necessarily mean that you cannot undertake changes, alteration or extension. However, any such works do require some careful thought and sensitivity to the overall historic character of the building and surroundings in order to ensure that a sympathetic and acceptable scheme can be achieved. Whether it be simple window replacement or substantial extension Whitton & Laing Surveyors are able to assist with Listed Building Applications, traditional building techniques and repairs in respect of maintenance and refurbishment of historic structures. Undertaking any such works without Listed Building Consent is a criminal offence for which you can be prosecuted.
Whitton & Laing Surveyors have a wealth of experience in surveying and maintaining both Grade II & Grade II* Listed buildings throughout the South West.


Once all planning and necessary approvals have been gained for your project it is imperative that a competent and suitably qualified building contractor is appointed. Our full contract administration service offers clients the opportunity to utilise our services in overseeing the tendering process selecting contractors for the tendering list, benefiting from our experience of working with many local/regional firms. Once the tendering process is complete we will be happy to appoint the contract and administer through to completion thus ensuring a smooth running project.


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