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Principally used for compiling maintenance schedules for use with large residential flat developments or for residential/commercial landlords. Additionally, these reports can form part of a tenancy agreement for referral upon lease termination and upon compilation of a Schedule of Dilapidations. A Schedule of Condition Report details exactly the existing state or condition of a building prior to purchase, renting by tenants or a change of ownership. It details the condition and any damage which has already occurred as well as areas likely to give problems in the future. The report also includes photograph illustration recording of the building and all defects/ damage. Whitton and Laing Surveyors will accurately and carefully document the condition of the building to ensure future claims and legal action can be either prevented or where damage has occurred then the claim can be justified.


Landlords and Tenants frequently enter into a lease for a commercial property without any particular regard for its condition at the commencement of the tenancy and no particular strategy to maintain the building in accordance with the repairing provisions in the lease during the period of occupation. Neither party are normally focused upon routine building maintenance. It is however always recommended prior to commencement of a lease that a suitable Schedule of Condition Report is appointed and agreed by both parties as this can form the initial reference point in any dilapidations case During the course of the occupation, the landlord and tenant may well periodically renew the original tenancy without necessarily considering the condition of the property or the implication of any improvements or alterations which might have been undertaken with or without permission. Upon termination of the lease attention will then focus on the contractual matters arising from terms of the lease, including the condition of the building, and any dilapidations issues which might exist. A schedule of dilapidations is the basis of a dilapidations claim and is a list in the prescribed format, detailing items of repair maintenance and decoration which a Landlord considers in need of remedy in order to comply with the terms of a lease which will be highlighted within the relevant report. The type of Schedule of Dilapidation the Landlord serves depends upon the time it is served in relation to the term of the lease. Whitton & Laing Surveyors are able to assist both landlords and tenants in dilapidations claims with all inspections, reports and recommendations produced by RICS qualified surveyors.



With litigation on the rise, it is imperative that property professionals are able to provide in-depth advice on contentious valuation and legal matters for private clients, solicitors and mortgage lenders. The Partners and Surveyors at Whitton and Laing have years of valuable experience across all aspects of the Residential Property Market which enable them to provide expert advice along with arbitration and court representation. Whitton & Laing Surveyors can offer expert reports in all of the following areas;

  • Boundaries and party walls
  • Building surveying
  • Landlord and tenant rent reviews and lease renewals
  • Professional Arbitration
  • Construction disputes
  • Dilapidations
  • Estate Agency and professional practice
  • Leasehold Extension/Collective Enfranchisement
  • Professional negligence
  • Valuations for loan security
  • Valuations for solicitors/surveyors insurance claims
  • Valuations for Section 18(1) dilapidations
  • Valuations for divorce/partnership dissolution
  • Valuations for taxation


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