Doing things as they should be done

It’s good to know that a transaction as important as selling your home is in secure hands.


Because we’ve been doing this for a very, very long time, we’ve probably handled just about every situation imaginable. So we can guide you and your buyers through a process that can often be complex, heading off any unexpected complications before they become problematic to ensure your sale is as trouble-free as possible.


Our clients appreciate the fact that we accompany every viewing possible.

Everybody benefits: you have peace of mind from added security for your property during the viewing process; we build a rapport with potential buyers, handle any questions or concerns they may have, and provide first-hand feedback to you afterwards, often the same day.

What’s more, we make sure we familiarise ourselves with a property before showing it to viewers (buyers are not impressed, with an agent who doesn’t know what they’re talking about!).


It’s usual for an agent’s contract to give them the exclusive right to market your property for a period. However this can sometimes be as long as 26 weeks! This leaves the seller powerless to use another agent should they want to change, regardless of the quality of service. 

We think this is wrong, and do things differently. Perhaps you have a particular sum in mind for your property, or need to work to a fixed timescale. We’ll listen to you and arrive together at a sensible marketing price, and a fair period of exclusivity to help us achieve it.

What's my property worth?

Selling with knowhow...

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